In the night

12 dez

Taking off her clothes calmly, Aila could smell the winter coming. Has she lost so much time? On the other side, her last memories of that world seemed far away on that moment.

The clothes in the floor, she smiled. Soon would be a year since they started traveling together through the lands of Faêrun. In a winter afternoon, she received a letter from her brother Alexander. A week later, she went out from Waterdeep unsure about her own destiny.

– All of it seems so distant now… – she whispered just to herself, alone she was.

Gently and naked, she sat on the bed. The wind howled outside, but she didn’t mind the cold – she even liked it. The cold in her pale skin made her feel human again. With a fluid gesture, she took the mandolin and started a song known since long ago, but sang with much more passion now: the passion of someone who has fallen deeply and has arised.

…Old familiar faces
Everyone you meet
Following the ways of the land
Cobblestones and lanterns
Lining every street
Calling me to come home again

Dancing in the moonlight
Singing in the rain
Oh it’s good to be back home again
Laughing in the sunlight
Running down the lane
Oh it’s good to be back home again

When you play with fire
Sometimes you get burned
It happens when you take a chance or two
But time is never wasted
When you’ve lived and learned
And in time it all comes back to you…

Her voice was low and sweet, and for Aila, singing and playing has never been so much satisfying. The blanket of the bed, the wood of the mandolin, the cold wind coming from the window, and the relief of being back made her music comes from her heart. As it always should have been.

The noise of the door being opened made her stop, but a smile even brighter appeared on her face. Vanir, her lover, one of those people who went down to the Nine Hells to save her soul was entering, distracted as always, and as always sweet. Surprised, he stopped for a short moment, and closed the door behind him. Gently and slowly, she got up and walked, her pale skin against the night outside, her long and fair hair weaving down her shoulders, and her purple eyes upon him.

– Aren’t you felling cold, my dear? – asked Vanir, still astonished.

– And why don’t you come to warm me?

The kiss was soft and slow, as if she tried to taste the moment. When was the last time she kissed someone with all that calm and desire? Sliping her hands through his long hair, she embraced him.

– I’ve missed you. – she whispered, her voice like a slow and hypnotizing music.

– I’ve missed you desesperatly, my love.

The night was filled with love and sweet words. Layed upon his naked chest, Aila could hear his heartbeating, and smell his sweat. That time she would have a calm sleep, watched only by the rising sun of the auttum.

PS.: The music is a piece of Home Again, from Blackmore’s Night.


2 Respostas to “In the night”

  1. Italo dezembro 13, 2007 às 12:38 am #

    Love is in the air… Que massa, ele REALMENTE foi até o inferno salvar ela, e depois de TUDO que ela fez… nossa, é muito amor mesmo, ela é praticamente uma Chosen de Sune. O post está Epic Sweet & Cute.


  2. Brottor dezembro 13, 2007 às 4:25 pm #

    sei sei… pode ficar com ele pra vc!!

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